teal green crochet clutch

Very fashionable now: dark, juicy teal green color.
Handy crocheted purse will accommodate all the little things that you want to have on hand. On a long bar, which can be freely adjusted. Suffice it to bind to the desired length. In this way can be as long as You need. Once may be on shoulder and once overhanging diagonally across the back. Every time you do as you wish.

Perfect for a party, a night out.

Hand crocheted from ‘t-shirt’ yarn. To make this purse Buubok used only material obtained from one shirt.  The shirt is hand-cutted into strips to make a suitable yarn for crocheting. Other items such as decorations or strap are made from the elements of the same shirt also.

Zipped, with matching silk lining. Decorated with a textile bow.

Size: 22 cm [8,66″] length; 10 cm [ 3,93″] width. The maximum length of the strip: 100 cm [39,37″]

Unique model. Only one item. This purse was made for ‘one shirt = one purse’ project. Eco friendly!


About buubok

Buubok offers well designed and crafted unique products made with passion. Using experience and skills we create modern handmade. Our projects combine traditional techniques and contemporary design.


  1. Adorable clutch! the little bow adds just the right touch of fun!

  2. Your work is great. I’d like to re post in my blog…one of this day…if you agree obviously!!!:)

  3. Reblogged this on I love green inspiration and commented:
    I think this is great: nice color, great idea, cool design. I love the idea of this one shirt = one purse PROJECT. Do you agree? xxx

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