RUUGY. ombre crochet rug


The idea of creating carpets, rugs or runners from  unnecessary fabric is common and very old. This is part of folklore in many countries. Historically in each village these rugs were made. Mainly on a simple weaving machine but also crocheted.
Buubok returns to this traditional idea in crafting a modern rugs and runners from upcycled materials.

The rug looks stylish and modern. It’s very fashionable and popular element of interior design today. A perfect fit for every style: from country, folk style to modern and minimalist decoration. Attracts the eye and enlivens the interior. Well suited to living room, kitchen, bedroom or bathroom. Perfect in front of sofa or your favourite chair, it looks pretty close to your bed. Jump out of the bath or shower on this rug is a pleasure for your feet. In every place looks fantastic. Cozy, soft and at the same time practical and durable.


This is artful recycling at its best, piece of ecological design. It’s made from hand-cutted recycled material from salvaged fabric.
That’s 100% handmade almost from begining because we do it ourselves. This process takes a long time: preparing “yarn” from fabric takes a lot of work and also time is necessary to collect fabrics in similar, matched colors to compose rug in nice color tones.
Buubok always thinking of clever ways to take something useless and give it new life. Reusing of materials give us a real pleasure.

With upcycled fabrics the color and thickness may vary. The material is mostly cotton, but may include synthetic fibers.  Each one is eco-friendly and a one of a kind piece of modern recycling art.


Color: Gray – ombre shades (colours can look different on your monitor)
Size: diameter aprox 105 cm [ ~41″].

*** any other colors available on request *** just send an convo!

Upcycled – Eco friendly – Green design.

The RUGGY rug is available in buubokshop at ETSY.


About buubok

Buubok offers well designed and crafted unique products made with passion. Using experience and skills we create modern handmade. Our projects combine traditional techniques and contemporary design.

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