Buubok rose from the need of the creativity and freeing imagination. Passion for hand works and designing pretty objects is accompanying us for long time. Our aim is to produce engaging design, to celebrate ingenuity & creativity.

The greatest pleasure lies in the creation of new items so each project is another challenge. All proposed items are treated separately as an exceptional and unique. Most products are single copies, objects which aren’t repeating.


We have a real respect for crafting and honest work. Buubok want to continue the traditional crafts skills by bringing them into today’s environment. Using skills and experiences Buubok is drafting original modern craft.

A favorite technique of creation is knitting and crocheting. We are constantly looking for different patterns and stitches to develop our creativity and diversity of products. The best patterns are those traditional, proven through the years. We try to give them a new style using in a new context.


Most of our products that’s artful recycling at its best, pieces of ecological design. Many projects are made of recycled material from salvaged fabric. That’s 100% handmade almost from begining because we do it ourselves, hand-cutting each piece of textile. Buubok always thinking of clever ways to take something useless and give it new life. Reusing of materials give us a real pleasure.

We take upcycling seriously, so we try to consciously use all of material and do not waste leftovers. Even the smallest pieces of fabric are used.  Large quantities are used to make carpets, rugs, lamps or other large objects.  Smaller pieces are used to make purses, beauticians, children’s toys and home decorations.  And from really tiny tiny remnants we do small nice things such as brooches, bracelets or key rings.



  1. Amazing creations! I love this! Keep it up! 🙂

  2. amyturnertaylor

    Love your photos! I love grey and the way you’ve used different shades in your photographs.

  3. Ceramic Art and Design

    Love the work!

  4. You do beautiful work! Very inspiring. I’ve been trying to plan a colorway for a project and now I see grey in its future! Thank you for sharing.

  5. Oooo, your work is beautiful! Very inspiring! I’m planning a colorway for a project and grey is now for sure in its future! Thanks for sharing!

  6. hi,
    i have nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award here:

    congrats on your lovely stuff!

  7. I think what you are making is very cool and beautiful, I will post something on my blog about your creations and use a few images if you don’t mind. Let me know how you feel

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